Top 10 VS Code Extensions (by PapaReact)

If you haven’t heard of PapaReact, he’s a React developer that’s popular on YouTube because of his unique music-infused code-learning style. He’s the owner of Zero to Full Stack Hero, a full-stack React-based program.

The following VS Code extensions are his recommendations per the video that follows.

  1. GitLens – informs you of who committed the line of code by hovering over a line; you can see who made what changes
  2. Tailwind CSS Intellisense
  3. env-cmd-file-syntax
  4. Code Snap – takes snapshots of custom code by just highlighting lines
  5. Bracket Pair Colorizer
  6. ES7 React Snippets
  7. Prettier
  8. Live Share
  9. Auto Rename Tag
  10. VS Code Icons
  11. TODO Highlight
  12. Import Cost
  13. Styled Components Snippet
  14. Live Server

Top 10 Best VS Code Extensions (Video)