How to Enable Promiscuous Mode in VMWare Workstation?

Have you ever spent hours searching for something? This one little parameter was nearly impossible to locate so I’m adding it here in the hopes it helps someone else. I don’t know if it’ll work in VMWare Fusion, but it may. Give it a shot if that’s your bag.

In your virtual machine’s directory, search for the appropriate *.vmx configuration file. When you find it, add the following statement for each network card that you want to run in promiscuous mode.

etherenet%d.noPromisc = “False”

Replace %d with your VMWare interface-number. You’ll know what this number is once you get into your *.vmx file because you’ll see it referencing other assignments.

See also these undocumented *.vmx parameters.

How Do You Enable Promiscuous Mode in VMWare Workstation? (Video)