How to Reset a WordPress User’s Password From Within MySQL

The WordPress table that stores user passwords is “wp_users” and it has the following 10 fields:

  • ID
  • user_login
  • user_pass
  • user_nicename
  • user_email
  • user_url
  • user_registered
  • user_activation_key
  • user_status
  • display_name

The following command is what you’d issue to change a user’s password. The only field you’d change is the <username>, which is a placeholder for the username. If you configured different prefixes for your tables, you’d also change “wp_” to the appropriate prefix.

mysql> UPDATE ‘wp_users’ SET ‘user_pass’ = MD5( ‘new_password’ ) WHERE ‘wp_users’.’user_login’ = “<username>”;

SOURCE: How To Reset The WordPress Administrator Password